Monday, 30 January 2012

Wedding Decor with the Wedding Sparrow ...

Image courtesy of The Sweetest Occasion 
Well, it’s January and the new year is well and truly here. Like most of you I’m sure, I didn’t bother making new years resolutions only to break them two weeks into the new year. But I did make a conscious decision to be more organised and start getting down with the ‘nitty gritty’ of the wedding planning. We are at the stage now where everything is booked, deposits have been paid, savings are earning interest and budget is fast running out. 

I also think about pulling the whole wedding together in terms of look and style. Sure, we’ve booked the venue but we also don’t want to just walk in on the day and let it be impersonal to us. Our guests should see the effort we have put in and ultimately ‘see’ us as a couple in the design. This got me thinking of the DIY aspects of the day and just how much they go towards the overall feel of the day. It’s great to see the time, thought and effort a couple have put into the decoration of their venue. But it also comes with its drawbacks. I’m fond of DIY (especially pom poms!) but also don’t relish the idea of sitting on the floor making fabric favours night after night. There’s the option of hiring a wedding planner to decorate the venue on your behalf but would you gain the same satisfaction as if you had put the blood, sweat and tears and made them yourself? Probably not. 

Alas there is another option! Hannah from Sweet Dream Events tells us more… 

“The trend to put your own stamp on your wedding has been around for a while now. All things DIY are the way to create that personal touch. I have spent many hours making and crafting items for lovely brides and grooms, many of whom have commented that they would not know where to start in making such items 

After speaking with them, the general consensus was. 

A. What items could we make to complement our wedding? 

B. How to make such items 

C. Having the equipment to make them 

D. And finally the thought of making things a hundred times over fills them with dread 

So this is where I now come in with my ‘DIY Days’. First of all we have a chat about what we can make. From favours, stationery and venue decorations, I can advise on all aspects. I then come with my rag bag, button box and any tools required for the job. 

You just need to supply yourselves with any willing bridesmaid, Mum, Dad and possibly a bottle of wine or two and we get crafting! 

You can learn a new craft and can sit back on your special day and tell people how you made all the beautiful finishing touches that can finish of a venue perfectly. All materials used are charged at cost and my time is charged at an hourly rate.”

Image courtesy of Farthing Collective

This is definitely an idea for those who are not only on a strict budget but also who would prefer an expert on hand to make sure everything is made to a high standard. Visit Sweet Dream Events for more info. 

Are you ‘DIY-ing’ for your big day? Drop a comment below if you have or are planning to make some items yourself – we would love to hear your stories! 

Until next month… 

Much love. 

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  1. Such an exciting time, love when its the final count down for the big wedding day. Looking forward to the Feb post.