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Wedding Ideas & Inspiration ... The Christmas Sales

Crikey, it’s crept around quickly this year hasn’t it? That’s right… I’m referring to the dreaded ‘C’ word… Christmas. Tis the season to buy un-needed and un-wanted gifts just because we think we have to and rush around the sales in the new year to purchase clothes we would never usually buy. 

But, for brides-to-be, what happens to the wedding planning when this busy time of year comes around? If you’re like me, the holiday season takes precedence over things I could probably do in the New Year. The Christmas shopping needs to be done, the decorations need to be hung and the parties are not going to attend themselves are they?! The plan was to ‘get Christmas out the way’ then re-think the planning afterwards. Hmm… If I take a step back and look at what I can achieve however, it looks a little different: 

1. We are fortunate enough to have been saving for our wedding for quite some time so have squirreled away our budget ready to be spent. This also means that I haven’t bought a single thing for myself since goodness knows when! With the sparkly Christmas outfits and discounted goodies on the shelves right now, it would seem silly to let this pass me by and then start shopping for the same things in the New Year when they’re low in stock and at full RRP again. So what can I buy now? My bridal jewellery, bridesmaids’ shoes and accessories, table decorations, even offers from the local beauty salons to get 75% off Aveda treatments! That’s right, now is the time to save money by spending it! It’s been so long since I’ve shopped it will be great to let off some steam! Just don’t get too carried away and forget what you’re shopping for… 

2. DIY – It’s the time of year when we start baking and making decorations for the home. Why not utilise this time to practice any DIY favours you will be making for the wedding? For example, if you’re making small bags of chocolates for favours for your guests, why not create some small cheap gifts of the same (but Christmas themed) favours and give to work colleagues or stocking fillers for family and friends. It will give you a great opportunity to practice and find out what works and what doesn’t. And everyone gets a lovely gift in the process! 

3. It’s also the time for receiving gifts too so if you’re saving for a wedding, plan ahead and if possible ask for gift vouchers or money that you can put towards items you would be buying for the wedding anyway saving you money in the long run. If you’re planning on buying your shoes from a certain shop, ask your family for a gift voucher for that shop to contribute towards them. 

So, enjoy Christmas everyone and plan ahead to take the pressure off your savings too… Ho ho ho!

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