Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bridal Beauty ...

... By Jezebel Make-Up 
If you are getting married next year and battling with this wintery weather now is the time to start looking after your skin and increasing your beauty routines to make sure your skin is glowing on your big day. Make looking beautiful effortless with a few handy beauty regime and make up tips: 

6 months before 
  • Begin your search for a makeup artist
  • If you do have skin problems, you may want to consider also talking to a dermatologist to begin a beauty regime that will help and make your skin the best it can be for your wedding day 
  • Ensure that this is the beginning of a regular skin care regime – cleanse, tone, moisturise, try to exfoliate once every couple of weeks. Invest in a trusted and suitable product for your skin type
  • If your wedding budget can stretch, invest in a monthly facial. If not don’t worry, you can very easily do it yourself. Once a month spend some time doing the following routine: cleanse, tone, exfoliate, skin serum, hydrating moisturiser 

2 months – 1 month before 
  • Book your trial with your makeup artist.  If possible, find a makeup artist that includes a mini facial at the trial. If not book one with a beauty therapist. The facial will give your skin time to prepare for the day and provides a great surface for your makeup trial 
  • Drink plenty of water - eight glasses a day, at least! This will ensure you skin is clear and glowing!
2 weeks before 
  • Only have a facial if you have been having them regularly.  If you haven’t, stick to your routine.  At this point, the last thing you want to do is have a reaction to a product/ingredient, it gives you very little time for your skin to recover from it.  So, stick to the products you have been using for the past 6 months and try not to change your routine at this point
  • Keep drinking plenty of water
  • Get some early nights! 

1 week to 10 days before 
  • Have your eye brows and upper lip professionally waxed/shaped 

1 Day Before
  • Gently exfoliate or polish your skin, especially your decolletage and arms 
  • Apply hydrating moisturizer - everywhere! 
  • Drink plenty of water

On your wedding day
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.  Your wedding makeup should last all day, so don’t be afraid to ask the makeup artist to arrive little earlier; just to give you some breathing space and time to relax
  • Obviously your make up will be applied to last all day, but it may require a little “sprucing” into the evening celebrations.  You may want to consider having your makeup artist come to the venue to help top up or change your make up for the evening, if not make sure you have following make up essentials to help keep your makeup fresh all day and all night:
    • Blotting paper
    • Translucent powder (pressed is better, as with loose there is more chance of it falling on your dress) 
    • Lip stick/gloss 
    • Eye drops – to help brighten your eyes throughout the day 
    • Lip balm/Vaseline to keep those lips smooth and hydrated 
    • Hand cream – keep those hands perfectly soft 
And lastly ... smile!  It’s your big day and you look absolutely fantastic! 

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