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Your Wedding Stationery
Happy Halloween everyone! (well… nearly) This week is another week where something is being ticked off the proverbial list of things to do for the wedding. The list is growing ever shorter and with just over six months to go I’m feeling organised. So what’s the topic of discussion this week? Wedding stationery…
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This may sound like a rather dull part of the wedding planning process but to me (and especially my husband-to-be as he is designing them), it’s a great creative moment to really set the scene for your wedding. It’s the first slither of theme or colourway that your guests see and most couples want to make a big impression. So, where do you start?
When choosing your wedding stationery, you may already have a theme or colour scheme in mind. This will undoubtedly help to narrow the search. Often the chosen colour scheme will have been inspired by a favourite colour or the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. Ok so the next question is, where do I look to find the stationery of my dreams? Here are a few resources which may be of some use during the search.
  1. Wedding Blogs – Naturally! Where better than to research any area of your wedding preparation than a blog where it is all in one place? With real weddings featuring left right and centre plus fantastic DIY projects for those on a budget, blogs are a great place to start. Inspirational stationery blogs include Oh So Beautiful Paper, Lucy Ledger Designs, Magnolia Rouge and Wedding Paper Divas
  2. Wedding magazines – Don’t just look at the classifieds section at the back. Use the real weddings sections and fashion shoots to gain inspiration for colours and themes.
  3. Wedding fairs – Personally I have never been a huge fan of local generic wedding fairs but with the National Wedding Show, Designer Wedding Show, Designer Vintage Wedding Show and plenty of other major shows showcasing fabulous and talented designers from around the UK, it gives you a much better chance of finding something you like. You can meet the designer and take a look at the quality of their work rather than judging them from an online image.
  4. Pinterest – Ah Pinterest… How you have a place in my heart for all things inspirational! Just log on (or set up a free account) and get pinning like the rest of the country. You’ll find images for everything and use this inspiration to either create your own invites or feed back what you want to the stationer you have chosen.
Beware with DIY stationery if you are a novice. Not only will you be spending hours in front of the tv on the floor Pritt sticking and cutting until you have callouses, but the quality will scream ‘looks like something the groom made on Don’t Tell the Bride’. If my other half was not a graphic designer by trade there is no way I would be making them myself. I understand why people do (cost efficient and more personal) but remember the time and effort that goes into making hundreds of day invites, evening invites, rsvp’s, order of services, additional information sheets, the list goes on …

Until next time ...

Much love.
Wedding Sparrow

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