Monday, 22 August 2011

Top Wedding Videography Tips ... From People in the Know

Going away on holiday doesn't always have its perks ... especially when you can't take your work with you. So there have been no blogs for a few weeks but I am back and in full-swing.

Today's blog is supplied with the help of three videographers who share their top three tips with you.

First up is the very funny but very talented Mr Frank Millar of Frank Millar Photography. He offers both photography and videography and I just love his videos. Frank says: 

1. Make sure you meet with your Videographer before booking. They will be in your company most of the day, so it's important to make sure you get on.

2. Ask the question about what is expected of you on the day. Some videographers may like to treat it like a mini movie and will want to direct you at certain points. Personally I don't do this, as I don't feel its natural, you're not an actress .. but then again you may be!

3. If commercial music is going to be used on the finished video, make sure its covered by the relevant music licensing - the videographer should take care of this for you.

Frank Millar
Tel: 01844 217 163

I had tears in my eyes after viewing Andy's wedding videos and have enjoyed getting to know him. Andy's business is Andy Netter Videography and this is what he had to say:

1. If having your wedding day filmed is important to you, then it’s probably best not to rely on a friend with a camcorder. A professional videographer is not only a trained cameraman, but an expert in shot composition, lighting conditions, audio recording and video editing, meaning booking a pro is the only way of ensuring you receive a wedding video that has been properly produced and truly special to you.

2. Choose a videographer who shoots on more than one camera. The difference between a one-camera and a multiple-camera wedding video is remarkable. A video shot on multiple cameras will make your wedding video look so much more professional, and interesting to watch.

3. If you are looking for wedding videography on a budget then just book a pro videographer to film your ceremony and speeches (and the bits in between of course!). Then, ask any guests who have camcorders with them to film your first dance from different angles. With a first dance, you can get away with shakier shots, so then you just need to find someone who can take the best bits from each camera and blend them together, and you’ll then have a footage of all the most important parts of your day.

Andy Netter Videography
Tel: 0800 0740 511

Next up is Ollie of Tiny but Mighty and a great person to get advice from because he's a groom-to-be too!
Oli's advice is:

If you're considering getting a wedding video of your big day don't rely solely on clips posted to a website; call and ask the company to send you a copy of a finished DVD from the type of package/budget range you're interested in. Even better, get one featuring the venue you've chosen that they've done, too, as it'll help show you how good they can make it look.

Tiny but Mighty
Twitter: @olilewington

Don't forget these guys would love to hear your thoughts and comments so leave them a message below.
Until next time ...

Thank you so much for sharing your top tips with me and my readers gentlemen!

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