Monday, 11 July 2011

Top Coaching Tips ... From People in the Know

Today I am thrilled that two fabulous ladies share their advice for all of you lovely bride to be's out there. Sometimes we just don't have the confidence or the right frame of mind and I hope that these top tips help.

First up is the lovely Michele Paradise of The Bridal Coach. Michele has a modelling career spanning 20 years and now trains in confidence, walking and posture as well as helping bride-to-be's to learn techniques on how to stay calm when dealing with stress. 
Michele says:

  • Take the word perfection out of your wedding vocabulary and replace it with 'the best for me'. If you mix alcohol, relatives and emotions together, you won't get the perfect wedding and that's OK if you don't expect it! 
  • Practice wearing your bridal shoes at least a month before you're wedding. You're not Cinderella and the wedding shoes may fit but they won't feel comfortable all day unless your feet get used to wearing them. Put the foot part of a cut off pair of tights over your wedding shoe to protect them and wear them for short periods of time everyday while you're cooking, cleaning, ironing or anything else around the house. 
  • Don't change your hair and makeup too dramatically for your wedding. Look like a better version of yourself so that your groom and guests still recognize you! Besides, when you look at your photos 5, 10, 20 years from now, you don't want to be looking at the extraordinary hair and makeup, you want to be looking at how beautiful you looked.

The Bridal Coach
Twitter: BridalCoachUK 

Annie of Essentii is more of a sporty girl and has a successful track record working with individuals and businesses to help them decide on and achieve their outcomes. Annie's sound advice is:

  • Plan the feel and spirit of the day together at the start - listen and ask questions of each other so you both know what you want in the day and just as importantly what you don’t want in the day. 
  • Take time to build relationships with your suppliers – give them a vision of your day, what you see, hear and feel happening so they can deliver the day you want. 
  • Be confident when dealing with family, friends, suppliers and on the day itself. If you are not feeling confident ‘act as if’ you are, stand tall, smile, breath slowly (try it now and see the difference in how you feel).

Tel: 01525 633874

Fabulous advice all around! And we can use it in our everyday lives too ...
Until next time ...

Thanks to both Michele and Annie for sharing their top tips xx

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