Monday, 13 December 2010

The Independent Celebrant Way ... A Fresh Approach to your Wedding Ceremony

A few weeks ago I wrote about the wonderful 'The Any Campaign' and how great it would be to have the ceremony of your dreams. 
I met the lovely Kay at a great lunch back in November and the timing could not be more perfect. I am honoured to feature her this week ... Hope you enjoy reading about her.
So ... following on from The Any Campaign I give you ... Kay Evans ...

As Coronation Street celebrated its 50th anniversary with a live episode, more than 14 million viewers tuned in to see disaster unfold. And while residents gathered together in support of each other, Peter Barlow and Leanne Battersby tied the knot in a moving, but pretty lengthy, bedside wedding! Not to deny ITV its cliffhanger - just as they are declared husband and wife, Peter goes into cardiac arrest. This is of course television drama but getting married your way really isn't that complicated.

To be married in this country via civil ceremony, the legal requirements are that a man and woman are present before a registrar in a place licensed for civil marriage, with two witnesses. Here, they repeat two sets of words (called the ‘Declaratory’ and ‘Contracting’ words) and sign the register. That’s it. They do not have to say any vows or exchange rings. The registration can take place during a lunch break and then followed by a ceremony officiated by an Independent Celebrant. This allows maximum flexibility and creativity as the ceremony can take place in whichever location you choose, at whatever time of day (or night) you prefer.
Imagine...the bride arriving in her beautiful dress, groom waiting patiently for the first glimpse of his ‘wife to be’, family and friends gathered together, declaring your commitment to each other, saying your vows, exchanging a riverside restaurant, under the stars on a beach, out in the open in a castle garden, on a boat, on top of a mountain, or even in your own home. It is possible to have a ceremony that reflects your unique personalities, intentions and wishes.
It’s all about you. So for a fresh approach in creating your memorable wedding ceremony - in whatever location and at whatever time you choose - please contact me - Independent Celebrant Kay Evans. I will be very happy to provide more information and discuss any ideas.   
Call me on 07986 869 893 or 01733 348785 or email:
I look forward to hearing from you really soon.
Until then... Kay

Thanks so much Kay ... for letting us all know about you. Great to know that until the law is changed there is still hope of having a dream come true.

Until next time ...

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