Monday, 17 October 2011

Essentii Top Tips to Planning the Day You Both Want

At the recent wedding fayre organised by Sue of Ice the Cake at the Spread Eagle Hotel in Bicester, owner of Essentii, Annie, shared these fab tips that I thought would be great to share with you. And if you know me ... you'll know how much I agree with these. 

Top 10 tips to planning the day you both want
A wedding day is a celebration and during the planning that can sometimes be lost.  By having a plan it can help both you and others around understand what you want.  Here are my top 10 tips to be clear about the day you want and stay stress free!
1 – Be clear about the outcome you want on the day – together build a movie of it in your minds, what can you see happening, what can you hear, how do you both feel?  Be clear about what you don’t want in the day and what you do want.
2 – Be clear about your budget and like any event you plan for, have a 10% contingency.
3 – Now you have a clear vision of the day, tell your suppliers so they can work with you to achieve it.
4 – If you have a sticking point ask yourself (or each other) – ‘What’s important about having that/not having that’?
5 – Everyone’s got an opinion – listen to it, say thank you and then decide what you want to do.  If you’ve got someone that can’t leave it alone then it can help to give them a specific job to do.
6 – Look at the resources you have available to you – not just money, what skills do friends and family have that you can utilise – what are your skills?  If other people are putting money in be clear about how much and let them know what it’s specifically going towards.
7 – Plan the big stuff first – no point in worrying about what colour nail polish to have if you’ve not sorted out the venue!
8 – Have a team around you of family, friends and suppliers that want to deliver the day you want and will support you.
9 – Have time with each other that is ‘Wedding Free’.
10 – Stay strong as the day approaches, emotions can start to run high and you may start to second guess yourself - keep in mind your vision of the day and let that guide you.
Enjoy yourselves!!

Thank you to Annie for sharing such great tips. My favourite is tip number 1 (followed very closely by number 9 and 10) ... What's yours?

Until next time ...

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