Monday, 9 May 2011

Top Venue Tips ... From People in the Know

Today I have a collection of TOP TIPS from the owners of 3 gorgeous venues ... who were happy to share their expertise with me and you ;0)

Hargate Hall
Anthony and Julie Knox of Hargate Hall, a fine and very substantial house located in the village of Wormhill in the Heart of the Peak District National Parkare first up to share their advice ... 

  • Rather than booking a venue where everything is pre-planned for you, you could look for a self-catering or DIY wedding venue or one where you are allowed your own caterers and other suppliers. This allows you to determine the price of each component of you wedding, and to ensure that you are not paying more than you should be just because it is a wedding.
  • You will be able to save money by being able to get your friends and family to help with a lot of the decorating work. Doing it yourself allows you to add your own personal touch as well as saving money. Carefully placed fabrics, flowers and pictures can make a huge difference. Bear in mind though, decorating (particularly a marquee) can take longer than you would think.
  • If accommodation is available on site then you (or your guests) save by not having to book taxis to take them to where they are staying. You can also party till you want to stop, rather than having to guess a time for pre-booking the taxi.
Hargate Hall
Tel: 01298 872591


The Manor
Based in Lincolnshire, Nick and Juli of The Manor Weddings say: " Always follow your heart with the feel that you get from the venue and the organizers." Their top tips are ...

  • Think about the type of venue you are looking for and explore your options i.e.:Historic, hotel, marquee etc.
  • Make sure you know all the costs before you agree or sign a contract. Sometimes there are hidden costs. Take your time to read the contract before you sign.
  • Make sure to find a perfect back-drop for your photographs. There are a lot of people wanting to have lovely photos of your dream day.

The Manor Weddings
Tel: 0795 800 5583


Last but by no means least, is North Yorkshire's most unique venue: Danby Castle. Carolyn and Duncan run this award winning family business and they have this to say: 

Danby Castle
  • Don't be afraid to ask if any deals are available. For e.g: offer a larger deposit in exchange for a discount on the total price.
  • Interview venues! Know what is most important to you as a couple e.g: flexibility, exclusivity, surroundings, personalising your day.
  • Contact with and visiting the venue. Will the venue allow multiple visits, will your emails/calls be dealt with quickly. Will you receive personal attention from a known person or will you just be made to feel like a number? Planning a wedding is stressful, the venue should (in my opinion) take a large amount of stress away from the B&G. 

Danby Castle Events
Tel: 01287 669219

If you have some top tips you want to share. Get in touch or comment below.
Until next time ...

A huge thanks to Julie, Juli and Carolyn for their great advice and helping me with this blog! An extra special thank you goes to Carolyn who helped out while off on holiday! Cxx


  1. Nice article. For me as a guest having accomodation where the wedding takes place is an essential. It is so nice knowing you just have to hop upstairs at the end rather than having to sort a taxi.

  2. Thanks for your comment Joanne ;0) ... So much easier to fall into bed than to have to treck home! ~ Cxx