Monday, 16 May 2011

Shopping for Accessories ...

Today the lovely Claire from Claire Ogden Designs shares some great advice on choosing and buying your wedding accessories ... 

After buying a dress the next step is accessories. Thankfully, we have professionals on hand with some suggestions and fabulous advice to help you decide.

"As we all know, weddings can be quite an expense and therefore it is worth looking around and into all the alternative options before deciding on what you want.

Try a scrap book of different styles and themes before you commit to anything and have an open mind before you do go shopping. 
  1. DECIDE ON YOUR THEME – this covers the look you are trying to achieve, colours, materials and styles. 
  2. DECIDE YOUR STYLE – Decide if you want unique, contemporary, vintage, modern or traditional. If you are looking for a more individual look it may be better selecting a bespoke package tailored for your exact specifications. 
  3. SET YOUR PRICE – Agree a budget and how many items you would like. It may be better to have one extravagant purchase than lots of little ones. 
Even with these questions answered, once you see some designs and pieces which are available you may change your mind – A lot of brides insist they know exactly what they want: they have made up their mind on a Bridal Hair Comb - until they try on a Tiara!

When you have decided on colours, it is then best to see which style of headwear will work with your chosen dress, which accessories suits your face shape, hairline or hair colouring and if you have decided on a veil or not. Brides find it helpful to try on a selection of different pieces when they are having a fitting or trying dresses on for the first time, and most bridal boutiques these days stock quite an extensive range, don’t be afraid to ask.

Getting a different perception on alternative pieces really helps, ask your mum and best friend to help you choose, remember there are also alternatives in similar styles so if the tiara is too big, try a bridal comb for a better fit. If that is not your style then select small hair pins or a simple headband, the choice really is endless and you do not know exactly how it will look until you try it on. 

The fit of the piece is also very important, it needs to be really well made and of a high quality. Your hairdresser will know how to secure your piece so don’t worry too much on that at the moment. What is important, is how comfortable it is. Think about where you want it to sit in your hair and again the look you are trying to achieve. Most importantly remember you have to wear it for a long time.

Think about if you want something to frame your veil or make a dramatic impact to your classic French twist, think about materials to be included, colours, shapes and textures, old and new, textile and wire. Compare the options and difference in prices and don’t forget there are also bespoke services available if you simply can’t find what you are looking for.

Decide on whether or not your accessories are to compliment your chosen dress or to highlight beading, brooches or detailing in the gown. Chose colours that work well or even use a piece of your feature fabric in your head wear! 

Whatever you choose, remember to consider all the different aspects. No matter what the outcome; your piece will look amazing and so will you! It usually is love at first sight with the piece you are going to wear!"

Hope you found this advice helpful.
Until next time ...

PS: Thanks for the fab feature Claire xx


  1. Thank you very much for featuring me, I hope this quick guide is an inspiration to all brides2be!!