Friday, 13 January 2012

Top Bridal Gown Tips ... From People in the Know

I am thrilled to share some fabulous tips from some even more fabulous bridal designers & boutiques today ...

Yemi of Kosibah
First up is Yemi Osunkoya, Creative Director of Kosibah. Yemi has been designing exquisite gowns for over 20 years now so he definitely knows what he's talking about! I met Yemi last year at the launch of his new collection and 20th Birthday Bash, his dresses are a real must see. Yemi says:

1. Be honest about your dress budget to yourself and your designer if commissioning a bespoke gown to avoid disappointment and frustration to you both if the designer comes up with a design or dress style you cannot afford. It saves time and heartache. 

2. Think of the design of your dress as an expression of your personality. Try not to be persuaded by trends and or pressure to get a gown you would not ordinarily envisage yourself wearing. 

3. It can make for a very successful wedding if you can achieve a consistent theme that carries from the venue, venue styling, flowers, stationery and also your dress. The theme can be a source of inspiration to the creative consultants associated with your special day: the florist, the cake-maker, stationer, event planner and, of course, the dress designer. When done successfully, a coherent theme can create a very memorable and unique occasion.

Yemi Osunkoya

Tel: 0207 424 8832

Multi award winning Essex based bridal shop owner Abi, from Abigail's Collection, was kind enough to share her top tips:

1. Keep a ‘my wedding inspiration’ scrap book of magazine dress pics and wedding theme ideas that you’ve seen (and really like) to show dress shops and other Suppliers.
2. Start looking for a dress at least 12 months before the big day and don’t put it off because you aim to lose weight - You could risk running out of time, some dress designers can take 6-8 month to produce a garment.
3. Ask Bridesmaids to contribute towards their outfits, allowing them to choose their own style (but same colour). Trends are very much ‘occasion wear’ in style so they can select a gorgeous ‘wear again’ style.

Abigail Neill
Tel: 01206 574 575

Sue Lovell created Savvy Cinderella in 2008, offering brides the choice to hire or buy the perfect wedding dress. Sue shared her tips and this is what she advises:

1. Choosing your wedding Dress is a very personal experience, and you should consider carefully who comes with you to help you choose. Sometimes I see a Bride who has fallen in love with a dress, but has friends or family members who have strong opinions, and push them into choosing something else. The bride has to love her dress, because she looks and feels good in it, and not because she was pushed into it by other people. Take along someone who you trust to give you their honest opinion, but have an agreement that the choice is yours alone.

2. Consider hiring your wedding dress. Brides on a budget will hire their dress because it can save 100's of pounds, not only on the initial dress, but you dont have to worry about cleaniing costs or storage issues. Hiring starts at approx £150 - £500 depending on the dress. We also see brides who choose to hire because they dont want to worry about storage afterwards, and know they will not be sentimental about returning it.

3. Always ask for a discount when you are buying your dress. Dont be embarrassed, the worst that they can say is 'no'.

Sue Lovell
Tel: 01354 688 138

As always, I hope you have found these tips useful ... and don't forget to send me yours!
Thank you so much for sharing with us Yemi, Abi and Sue ... I really appreciate it!

Until next time ...

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